Introducing: Mitchell Denburg Collection

Handmade Rugs, Carpets, & Textiles


Founded in 1980 ‘Mitchell Denburg Collection’ is a workshop of multi-talented, skilled individuals, who continuously seek ways to create new designs and products while maintaining an unwavering commitment to excellence.

MDC supports artisans and producers of fine materials, ancient processes, and preserves customs and ways of life that are threatened by globalization and mass production. 

The Guatemala workshop employs natural, renewable, eco-friendly fibers and support suppliers from many parts of the globe- all with the goal to retain the centuries-old processes and ways of life. They strive to use the best quality materials and also choose to utilize those that do the least harm to our planet.

Provided with the finest materials and a safe nurturing workplace, the skilled craftspeople are constantly focused on developing better, more beautiful products. Knowing that their customers' home is often a precious refuge, they share a common goal – an uncompromising belief that clients deserve the very best quality, service, and execution of their design needs. 

Grey Lux is proud to represent Mitchell Denburg in Northern California.
Please reach out to discuss how we can create a bespoke item for your project, and stop by the SFDC showroom to see select items on display.

Grey Lux