TOKEN: Meet the Makers


Token is a New York-based design studio founded on engaging forms, luxury materials and innovative manufacturing. Through experimentation with traditional forms, they create precisely fabricated American furniture at their Brooklyn, NY workshop.

Led by creative partners Will Kavesh and Nicole Cornell, Token's collection of casework, tables, and seating is created using American hardwoods, intricate marquetry veneer patterns, and studio-machined hardware. 


Will Kavesh earned an MFA in sculpture from Virginia Commonwealth University and spent many years making custom furniture for other designers before starting Token a decade ago. His passion is the painstaking craft of marquetry, which dates back to the 16th century and in which he is self-taught.


“The Dutch were obsessed with marquetry, birds on bowls and such. But I’m more interested in modernist painters like Agnes Martin. I try to combine the modern aesthetic with the traditional technique. I want to push marquetry to a new place, kind of like what Carlo Scarpa did with Venini glass.”

photographer: Kate Mathis, art direction: Eugene Jho

photographer: Kate Mathis, art direction: Eugene Jho

Grey Lux is proud to represent TOKEN in Northern California.
Please reach out to discuss how we can create a bespoke item for your project, and stop by the SFDC showroom to see select items on display.

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