Sophisticated Geology inspired products for the home. Launched in 2002 with the intention of fusing her loves of science and art, ANNA melds a lux palette of materials, semi previous gems, gold and sterling, to create uncommon cutting edge designs.

“I look for ways to bring different natural materials together that creates visual tension or visual cooperation.” With 50 collections and six new designs yearly, there is always innovation and something fresh. The In-Stock collection showcases an amalgam of ancient materials paired with high-tech manufacturing techniques.

ANNA integrates minerals, metals, wood, glass, and stone to create intrinsically innovative home décor, including tableware, barware, furniture, lighting, and vases.


Based in Oakland, CA, Breuwen is a local pottery and painting workshop, owned and operated by partners; Will Chase and Grey Lux.

Breuwen creates original thoughtful pieces with the goal of bringing enchantment to all aspects of Life. A connection to Life, Earth, and Spirit are expressed through each of our handmade pieces.

The Breuwen workshop in Richmond, CA offers a large Pottery and Paintings inventory, as well as objects and artisan materials.